Monday, June 18, 2012

Ron Koppelberger
Tempest Swirl
Smoke and haze in tobacco ways of wear and will,
Of daylight crusade and twilight ballast, an inhalation
In sure measures of lust, also in expiring embers
Of burning passion exhaled in visions of tempest swirl
And twirl, in roiling amber accent and ecstasies of love,
Like the mist of an ethereal bliss and an amazing
                                                    Thrall in spider silk.
Ron Koppelberger
In Gray
The ambiguous charm of secret whispering
Tempests and Rain, windy straw reeds swept away by grains
In power and flowering cascades of hungry spray,
A discerning able mountain of
Defiant compulsion and random
Gossamer considerations in Gray.
Ron Koppelberger
Deepest Night
Chuckles and grins gone askew in gardens of
Ghostly reverence and clutches of secret
Daisy, a blameless burst of echoing asylum
Given unto the wont of dark eyed lashes and tidings
Of quiet discovery, an amusing address by the stars of
                                                            Deepest night.
Ron Koppelberger
Suns Rain
Talking in turn with the pity
Marked by inflicted suffering and gloomy frights
In sanguine shores of abandon, an exhausting
Crush on the suns rain and the polish of palms
Swaying by misty illusions and cashes of
Underground welcome.
Ron Koppelberger
Dark Cellars
The bearing of places in dark cellars and spider silk
Cocoon, the inspiring sun at night, by searing seas
Of presence and passion, ministered in mysteries
Of exalted prayer and sibilant snake hiss, a many in a few
Borne of silhouette and crème, absolute, perfected by elusive whiskers
And charcoal however, emergent by birth and fire,
The mystic sway of dark corners and dust laden
Shelf’s, by unknown rumor, the truth, in fact, limitless
By the bond between aged asylums in gray and
Nascent beginnings in ash.
Ron Koppelberger
The Feasting Wolf
Hungry by the darkness of an endless night, lurid in sensations
Of famished desire and hunting
Passions borne of starved demeanor, of wont and
Need for the twilight amazement of distant horizons
Scattered in praying stars and moon glow blood,
Snarls and muzzled feasts sated by the moment
                                         Of evolution between wolf and man.
Ron Koppelberger
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Ron is a poet, a short story writer and an artist. He has written 103 books of poetry over the past several years and 18 novels. He is always looking for an audience. He has published 684 poems, 756 short stories and 146 pieces of art in over 266 periodicals, books, anthologies and 11 radio Broadcasts. He has been published in England, Australia, Canada, Japan, India, Mauritius, Italy, France, Germany, China, Spain and Thailand. He has been Published in The Stray Branch, The Fringe, Write On!!! (Poetry Magazette) Static Movement, Necrology Shorts and Record Magazine. He is a member of The Poet’s society, The Fiction Guild as well as The Isles Poetry Association and The Dark Fiction Guild. His art is viewable on Facebook under
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